WOGO- Women Orthopaedist Global Outreach

Dr. Amanda Marshall-Rodriguez donates her time with WOGO.  WOGO is an Organization of  Female Surgeons providing FREE Surgical Care to those in need, assisted by many unpaid volunteers, contributing, their time and expertise to make each Mission a Success.



Each WOGO outreach trip represents an immense logistical undertaking. On average, 9,000 pounds of supplies (such as implants, surgical equipment, medications, etc.) must be shipped ahead to the host country and cleared through customs before the trip can even begin. Medical supplies are welcome; anything from extra bandages to walkers, canes and crutches can help us provide care for those less fortunate. Additionally, airline miles and ways to defray shipping costs are also welcomed. Please contact us if you are interested in donating supplies.

You can help our team of surgeons provide much needed medical attention by improving the health and mobility of women living in underserved communities worldwide. Although some supplies are donated and team members are all volunteers, every other aspect of these trips is only possible through generous donations. :earn how you can make your donation to WOGO via one of their following methods.