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Dr. Amanda Marshall Rodriguez Among the Top Patient Preferred Surgeons of 2022

For her dedication to medicine and for achieving excellence in patient care, the exclusive medical network, Patient Preferred Physicians and Practitioners proudly named Dr. Amanda Marshall-Rodriguez, MD, a Patient Preferred Orthopedic Surgeon representing the state of Texas.

With nearly two decades of achievements in her field, Dr. Marshall-Rodriguez is a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon by the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery and a fellowship-trained joint reconstruction specialist. She is the Founder of TruOrtho in San Antonio, Texas. Dr. Marshall—Rodriguez and the specialists at TruOrtho are dedicated to the care of all problems related to the hip, shoulder, elbow, knee, foot, and ankle. They specialize in minimally invasive hip and knee replacement, foot and ankle disorders, shoulders, and knee sports medicine injuries as well as stem cell therapy.

Patients rate Dr. Marshall-Rodriguez five-stars for her expertise, knowledge, and compassion. Click here to read full article.


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Women Orthopaedist Global Outreach (WOGO) is a not-for-profit volunteer medical service organization led by seven female orthopedic surgeons, hailing from diverse cultural backgrounds, and geographic locations around the USA. Our WOGO surgeons are also mothers, academics, researchers, mentors, teachers and volunteers in their communities.

They have seen first-hand the power of joint replacement surgery to transform the lives of those who suffer from arthritis, the most disabling chronic disease in the world. We believe that we bring a unique understanding and perspective to the unmet needs of women in the areas of arthritis and degenerative joint disease. Learn more about the women of WOGO

Tirelessly working on pre-trip logistics and traveling with the surgeons is a 50-plus team of volunteer medical professionals that includes:

Anesthesiologists, Internal Medicine Physicians, Physician Assistants, Surgical Technicians, Registered Nurses, Physical Therapists, Implant Representatives, Team Leaders, Volunteers, Students, Interpreters and more.

TruOrtho, the only all-woman, fellowship trained, orthopaedic surgery practice in the nation

(L-R) Jamie L. Lynch, M.D., Amanda Marshall-Rodriguez, M.D. and Naomi Shields, M.D. physician partners in TruOrtho


Pain. Whether the chronic throb of joint deterioration or the shooting stab caused by a break or tear, catalyzes change. The injury may have built over time or originated suddenly, but when you or your loved one’s pain reaches the tipping point, you need help – NOW.

The team at TruOrtho, an all-female orthopaedic surgery practice in Stone Oak, stands ready to create a solution to your bone or joint problem. Three highly skilled, orthopaedic surgeons with a combined total of 50 years of experience specialize in fixing hurting feet, ankles, knees, hips, elbows and shoulders.

Dr. Amanda Marshall-Rodriguez founded TruOrtho, located at 18626 Hardy Oak Blvd. Suite 101, in 2018. She was quickly joined by Dr. Naomi Shields and Dr. Jamie Lynch. The three like-minded female physicians are the only all-woman, fellowship trained, orthopaedic surgery practice in the nation.

The name TruOrtho reflects the nature of their work to make damaged bones and joints right, straight and true once again.

The three have created a practice that reflects their commitment to holistic patient care. They stressed they are concerned about each patient’s well-being, not just their diagnosis. The doctors take time to evaluate each patient’s unique situation to create the best treatment solution.

“We see the patient as a whole,” Dr. Marshall-Rodriguez said. “They are not just an arthritic knee. We are worried about their overall bone health, underlying medical condition, family impact, and their social support system, instead of just that problem and that problem only.”

As fellowship trained specialists, each doctor is willing and able to address a patient’s physical needs surgically, but that is not their first and only option. Dr. Lynch has developed close relationships with physical therapists and Airrosti providers to ensure her patients, many of whom are athletes, are able to achieve best outcomes and get back to doing the things they love. Click here to read full article


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